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  Adapted from Bahasa Ambon - English Dictionary - edited by Chaumont B. Devin
For this dictionary, the letter, 'x', is used to symbolize the glottal stop. Bahasa Ambon has no short 'e' or schwa.
Note that the doubled vowel in the ultima of many words contracts to a single vowel when followed by another word.
For example, 'taloor' means 'egg,' whereas 'talor ayang' means 'hen's egg.'
Note: In Bahasa Ambon, the vowels, 'o' and 'u' are often freely interchangeable, but not always, the rules, as far as I know, as yet still undetermined.
Note: In Bahasa Ambon, there appears to be no distinction between the diphthongs, 'ae' and 'ai.'
To convert a word from standard Bahasa to Bahasa Ambon, in general one might employ the following shaky rules:
1. change short 'e' to 'a'. Examples: sendiri -> sandiri, sengaja -> sangaja, tempurung -> tampurung.
2. Redouble the vowels of stressed ultimate syllables. Examples: senang -> sanaang, betul -> batuul, tendang -> tandaang.
3. Drop terminal 'h' and 'k'. Examples: sungguh -> sunggu, pendek -> pende, lebih -> labee.
4. Change some 'ai' to 'e'. Examples: bagaimana -> bagemana, sampai -> sampe.
5. Convert some terminal 'u' to 'o': Example: burung -> burong, tempurung -> tampurong, sumur -> sumor, campur -> campor, sejuk -> sajoo.
6. Change some 'ai' to 'ae'. Examples: baik -> bae, naik -> nae, air -> aer.
7. Change some penultimate short 'e' to 'o'. Examples: tepuk -> topu, penuh -> ponu, sepuh -> sopu.
8. Change some penultimate short 'e' to 'i'. Example: pecah -> pica.
9. Change some penultimate short 'e' to long 'e'. Examples: berak -> bera, bengkok -> bengko.
Esoteric Abbreviations: PAN = Proto Austronesian, the reconstructed parent language of many peoples found in the region between eastern Africa and western South America.
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   Bahasa Ambon English
   toti    n. the stick used to measure the distance between two pieces of thatch.   
   tra    adv. see tar.   
   trofol    n. trowel.   
   tu    prn. that.   
   tua    adj. 1. previous. 2. old.   
   tuagama    n. church elder. cf. penatua.   
   tuan    n. title and term of reference for westerners, army officers, teachers, etc.   
   tuang    n. 1. owner. 2. lord. v. pour (something hot) as into a mold.   
   tuang ampong!    itj. my goodness! Ya tuang ampong, Oh my goodness.   
   tuang guru    n. see guru.   
   tubir    n. drop-off where the water suddenly becomes deep.   
   tudong    n. conical hat made of nipa palm leaves.   
   tudu    v. accuse.   
   tudung    see tudong.   
   tuer    n. stump.   
   tugas    n. official commission, duty.   
   tugu    n. monument.   
   Tuhang    n. Lord God.   
   tui    see bulu tui.   
   tuing-tuing    n. flying fish.   
   tukang    n. specialist, craftsman. Tukang capatu = Shoemaker. 2. Person who habitually does something. Tukang parlente = liar.   
   tukar    v. exchange.   
   tula    n. and adv. day after day after tomorrow. cf. lusa.   
   tulang    n. bone.   
   tulang iga    n. collar bone.   
   tulang panggayo    n. shoulder blade (scapula).   
   tulen    see tuni.   
   tulis     v. write.   
   tumang    n. sago-leaf container for sago meal, shaped like a cone with its top cut off.   
   tumbak    n. see tombak.   
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